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Andrew Maksakov – Founder
"Our team is small but we are creating stunning design and magic software development for fair pricing"
Marrix Power team make your ideas succeed through design and software development.
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We elaborate businesses with innovative solutions Get a trusted IT partner, not a vendor

Design, engineer, scale...Repeat

Drive digital transformation, nurture your business

More than 7 years our team is providing a great business solutions to increase your sells, moreover, as well as delivery a leadership strategy on the market.

Our team delivers full stack customer software development along with a wide range of comprehensive solutions to reimagine and upgrade your digital presence. We will implement a website that will put you at a competitive advantage while diversifying your online presence in a way that most uniquely showcases your products and services.
We deploy leading tools to prototype and implement hybrid (iOS and Android) mobile applications bringing top-notch user experience through mobile technologies.
UI/UX design
Our design team revolutionizes UX/UI by integrating the most innovative approaches to HCI, utility, egronomics, system performance through discovering human factors of your target segment.
Technical stack

With a world-class out team, guarantess highl-quality customer software tailored to your business needs. We design, build, and implemnet software and design of any complexity.

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Schwarz M.

– Co-Founder, CEO TesterHeld

“We worked with Marrix Power and CleverCode Lab on a corporate website for our TesterHeld service development: Mobile and Web. They provided us with both excellent wow design and fast and qualitative website development. I can say with confidence that this is a company that we will turn to in the future, as their professional team really loves their job and do it at a high level.“

Suleymanov D.

– Founder, CEO Trumania

“Working previously with many design agencies, I have never seen such a responsive and efficient team as this one. Their branding and design skills are not only top-notch, but have are significantly differentiated. The team helped to find the right style and color scheme, and always remained professional regardless of how many times I’d be asking for explanation or adjustments.“

Prokopenko V.

– Founder, CEO WowPaw

“We have been working with my partner, CEO, Andrew Maksakov and his company Marrix Power for a few years now. If all started from a landing page for our law firm. We collaborated together on creating start-up apps and websites and forming a life-long partnership. Once you worked with him, you will fail to find another company that will keep up with such high standards.“

Alexandr Diak.

– Founder, CEO MixFood

“I am a founder of a delivery food company in Ukraine. A year ago, we started our global campaign looking for partners around the other regions. Marrix Power is the one and only company that showed superior quality and excellence in communication. Their performance has been superior and I can not recommend any other team to help with any project.“

Why chooses us
Our pricing is very fair and significantly less then our competitors.

That's why. Because we are working by the small but absolutely professional team we are reducing number of worked hours on the project to the minimum, as well as, we understand that new digital products costs noticeably, correspondingly we help our clients to find the alternative or ready-made solutions if it's necessary

We are reliable

Our team love what we do, we know that your business is out future, your products and services brings inventions, satisfied clients and development in popular industries, that's why we trying to create the best and most competitive solutions and you need to cary only about your business and selling, all of software-development and design we will delivery you with world-class quality.

We are your partner

We not only deliver you software solutions for your business, but also consulting you, helping to improve and make all things right, correct, sellable, because we know that our clients should be focused on their priorities while we will be focused on our 😎 – provide the ideal design and software-development.

Transparency and Partnership

Be updated and dive deep into the development process. Meet the specialists that work on your projects and track their progress, as well as, be confident in your project's future. Long lasting partnership is our core value. We are never a vendor, but a tech partner.

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Fostering creativity, we create never-seen-before solutions for each and every client, exceeding industry standards and customer expectations.


React Native, Redux, Node.js

Circuit Route Planner

React Native, Redux

React.js, Material UI, React Native, Redux, Python + Django

React.js, React Native, MobX

React.js, React Native, Redux, GraphQL

React.js, React Native, GraphQL

React Native, Java, Swift, Redux

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React Native, Redux

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