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Meemo is a secure, AI-powered social finance app where your digital wallet meets your everyday life with automatic rewards. Simply link your cards to receive automatic personal delights based on your recent activity. Don’t change a thing, just keep doin’ you.

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The Meemo team requested us with the inquiry to develop a mobile android financial application to provide a convenient way of managing the finances of their customers, our team worked on the design, software part and distribution app through SEO, PPC and our specific global marketing strategy to achieve loyalty and confidence on the market. With the use of modern technologies like React, Node.js, and Redux we developed a stable, fast and enjoyable mobile application, that allows management and transformation of any amount of financial data with incredible speed and responsiveness, the customer team had great success with launching the app and raised profit amount equivalent to all of their investment in the project in first 6 months.

Tools: Figma, Trello, GitHub, Illustrator, After effects, Notion, BrowserStack

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