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The first digital platform to improve the experience and outcomes for everyone involved with physical rehab

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Mobile development, Web development

OnTheMend team raised great investments for their very special, unique and significant idea to help people go easier and smarter through rehabilitation after rehab. OnTheMend made a really special impression on our team after the first couple of planning meetings and then we decided that this project should be completed with a specific approach to deliver good results to OTM team as a business and useful product for their potential customers to make the healthcare industry and world better! We developed the design, website and cross-platform mobile application and then launched the distribution of the project within one month confirmed with our digital marketing team a campaign to let more people know about this great product. We would be happy to make an impact on your project as well.

Tools: Figma, Trello, GitHub, BrowserStack

React Native
Mobile development, Web development
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