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WowPaw is an assistant app for pet owners. A calendar of important events, a medical card, walks with friends and much more will help you collect the whole life of your pet in your smartphone.

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Mobile development

WowPaw is the first digital startup in the pets-care industry in Ukraine. The Founder and CEO of the project Vitalii Prokopenko came to us with ideas, descriptions and all plans he want to achieve. Our dedicated software-development team built exact plans and estimates in form of quotes to represent our solution for his business. After confirming the strategy, plan and budgeting we successfully developed the UI/UX design of the mobile application and his brand, cross-platform application for both platforms IOS/Android and helped with releasing the app to stores. We adjusted, helped and corrected Vitalii at each of his steps so he would be confident and calm that his idea has professional value on the market for his potential customers and partners/investors.

Tools: Figma, Notion, Framer, GitHub, BrowserStack

React Native
Mobile development
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